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Our Story

Est. 2022

Want to know the fun story behind the name? A very determined solo brainstorming session by the founder made her zero in on the word ‘root’. She then serendipitously recollected childhood memories of her family reunions spent on the lush West Coast of India where Jackfruits grow wild and abundant and decided she liked the sound of it. As she says, “Jacfroot, because my roots have jackfruit!”.

About Jacfroot

We are a small bunch of earth-loving, inclusive, idealistic, fun, compassionate, hard-working people who want to make it easier for everyone to live a more planet-friendly lifestyle.

Who makes your products

Our products are created by partner artisans and craftspeople who themselves champion eco-friendly lifestyles through their art and craft. We only work with manufacturers who meet our standards for ethically sourced materials and worker welfare requirements.

When we know better, we do better

- Maya Angelou


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